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Went crazy at H&M - can’t wait to put together some awesome outfit posts!
Must Know’s for Fashion Week

NYFW wrapped up this past Thursday here in NYC and it’s been a hell of a week. Whether you were in the front row, backstage, or watching live casts, I hope you got to enjoy the best of this season. I was working this season and unfortunately didn’t get to go to any shows, besides the one my company held, but it was still as thrilling as I had imagined. This was my first year working and it was a fantastic experience. I learned a lot, met a lot of fantastic people and can’t wait until February. 

If you did not get to experience it this season, don’t fret there’s another season around the corner! I do want to share some insight if you plan on working or volunteering next season that will be crucial in you getting the best experience possible. 

  1. Wear flats or any sort of comfortable shoes: Trust me on this one. Whether you’re working or an intern, you’re going to want some comfortable shoes with you. If your company prefers that you wear heels, because some are crazy and might, keep a spare pair of flats in your bag. During Fashion Week you are running around like a crazy person and most of the time it doesn’t depend on your position, you’re all hands on deck to make this show run smoothly and without a hitch. There is no complaining so you best be prepared when you decide to bust out some heels that those feet are going to be swollen and blistered by the time you’re done, even if they are the most comfortable shoes you’ve ever worn. 
  2. Be humble: This is probably something that doesn’t cross most people’s minds when they intern, volunteer, or work an event. There is so much happening around you and tons of people to meet and an endless list of things to be done. Remember, you are background - you’re there to assist and help those that are putting the show on. This is not a time for it to be the all about you show. Be humble that you were given this experience and be thankful for the opportunity. Most people don’t realize that when you try to take too much advantage of the situation, you come off like a social climber who’s simply trying to make contacts and that’s your sole reason for being there. 
  3. Black clothes are your one and only uniform: I read an article once about a woman’s first event in PR - she showed up wearing a bright blue, vintage 80’s dress and was completely humiliated when she realized she was the only one wearing something so ridiculous. As i mentioned above, you are background. You can’t draw attention to yourself by wearing something over the top and ostentatious because let’s be serious here, you are neither a model on the runway nor a front row sitter where you can get away with it. That’s not to say that one day you can’t - my AE’s above me don’t have to wear all black (of course they only wear black and white) but they still are polished and put together. Being someone in a lower position, you need to abide by these unspoken “rules”, in a sense, because your main purpose is to work and be that extra set of hands. 

There really isn’t much else that needs to be stressed because it’s really just basics that you should already know. But these three things, I think, are the most important to remember when you are given an opportunity to either work or volunteer during Fashion Week. But let’s also not forget, have some fun, enjoy the show - you’re human and allowed to enjoy the experience, as long as you remain professional throughout. 

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I am absolutely head over heels for Spy Love Buy's shoes. I discovered the brand off of Helen Melonlady’s YouTube in one of her haul videos. I can’t remember exactly which shoe she mentioned in the video I had seen, but I just remember being like “These shoes are so funky and awesome”. The main feature for most of the shoes is a chunky platform - it’s very 90’s Spice Girl-esque, and the nostalgia in me loves it. 
Many of the shoes come in neutral colors, which I love, because I’m not really a color person when it comes to clothes or shoes. They also have holographic ones as well which are so fantastic - I’m a big fan of the holographics lately because as I mentioned above, I’m not a color person, but it’s a nice way to add a little something extra.
The only thing I wish is that they weren’t UK based because the shipping is crazy expensive and the prices are higher because of the exchange rate, BUT with that being said they are so worth it! I can’t wait to get my next check to purchase one of the flatforms!
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Anonymous: What is your degree in?

I technically have a B.A in Psychology. It was after college that I realized I no longer wanted to pursue a career in Psychology, and that’s how I started my fashion journey. I think that it’s still good to have because it’s a broad spectrum degree and can be used in just about any field.

Anonymous: If I interned at magazines and then decided I didn't like it, could I move into PR? Even without an PR internships?

That’s a tough one. I never interned at a magazine before and tried to make that transition so I don’t know, but I think that to some degree you might be able to. It truly all depends on the firm, but I still think that you should intern at least once for a firm just to make sure you get some PR experience as well. I think the best thing to do would be to email someone from a firm you would be interested in and get their opinion because I think that’s the best way to know, because as I mentioned every firm is different on the level of experience that they want. Good luck!

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Hey guys! I wrote a guest blog post on Girly Nights Out blog. Click the photo or click here to check it out :) 
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Starting September off right
Daily Look jacket || Dynamite olive military top || Ripped jeans || Forever 21 wedges
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Hello followers! So I’ve decided to do a giveaway. I want to thank all my lovely followers for keeping up with my blog and being so great! Above as you can see, I am giving away a Coach Hamilton Swing Pack in a lovely camel color. The bag retails I’d say for about $120 USD although I’m not entirely sure being that I received it as a gift. The bag HAS NEVER BEEN USED and even still has the tissue paper inside. Also as you can see in the photo the tag is still on it.
SO how can you win this lovely bag? I’m going for 3k! I’m trying to get 1,000 followers on each of my social media platforms - tumblr, twitter, and Facebook.
Once I’ve reached (and it must reach on all 3 in order for this to be given away), I will pick AT RANDOM one person from either my twitter, my tumblr, or my Facebook.
IF YOU LIKE / FOLLOW ALL 3, you have a better shot of me picking you!!!!
I’m sure some people may think that that’s a little much but remember this bag retails for over $100 USD and I will pay for all the shipping!
RULES:1. Must be a follower of me (duh)2. Don’t wait until the last second trying to win the bag and then unfollow me - that’s just plain rude.3. Must live in the USA. Sorry guys I’m paying for shipping so I really can’t afford to send over seas. Maybe in the next one!4. Must be 18+ years. I really don’t want people’s parents flipping out because their child is getting mail from a stranger.
So that’s it :) very simple. So do what you can - share me with people so they know all about it and I’m also not putting an end date on this because like I said I’m really just trying to get 1,000 followers on each social media platform.
Thanks guys :) Good luck!
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All black everything
Zara Shorts || H&M Blazer || Gap T-shirt || Adrianne Vittadini Smoking Flats

PR is a tough industry to break into. It’s particularly hard when you don’t have enough experience as well. In my posts, I always talk about the importance of interning because it’s the best way to get hands on experience from the industry’s best. Especially in this industry, making sure your experience is relevant and up to date is one of the things that will help you the most; no one wants to hire someone that hasn’t worked in PR for 3 years because it’s an industry that’s constantly moving and changing, even more so when you are in fashion PR. 

After some time, I felt that I needed to take another step above interning but not quite into a full position. I didn’t want to intern because frankly, I wanted to start making money. I didn’t feel that I had enough experience to jump right into an account executive position, but I needed a middle ground to both get experience and make money because paid internships are hard to come by. The step between intern and position is freelancing. Although technically you are in that position, you aren’t permanent so while you are handling many tasks that are done, you don’t have them all. What I mean by that is you may be more internal and may not have to deal with clients first-hand or any sort of client dealings which makes the job easier because sometimes clients can get a little prickly.

I started freelancing after an internship but before my first real position and the best part was that the firm that I had done my internship in was the one to offer me the temporary position. Freelancing was a humbling experience, mostly because when you intern, you sometimes think you know how the job works but in fact, there’s way more under the surface. I freelanced at that firm for about a month and worked strictly with the accessories team. I had originally wanted to wanted to work with only apparel, but I found that I  loved accessories much more (in fact I work on an accessories team now!). 

As I mentioned earlier, sometimes as a freelancer you are internal. In my case, I was, which meant that all my day to day tasks were corresponding with my AE only and not with any editors or clients. I helped prep for client meetings, writing weekly reports, pulling images for requests, etc. All the work that I had completed, I sent straight to her and she sent to the appropriate parties. Although I didn’t directly speak to anyone outside of the office, I was CC’d on all emails so I took it upon myself to go through every one and understand how she connected with clients, how she approached editors, etc. 

It was the best experience because I got more experience than I would have if I had just kept interning. You don’t realize sometimes that when you’re interning, you aren’t going to learn everything that an AE does but will mainly be sample trafficking or working on other such projects. It was definitely also a perk to be getting paid.

I highly recommend to anyone that feels as though they’ve interned enough, to find some sort of temporary to permanent position because it’s another step in building your resume and keeping your experience relevant. There are so many great agencies that can help you find these positions as well because sometimes they aren’t listed online or anywhere that you can find them. Do your research and see what is available out there for you because there are options aside from interning.

If you have any questions about what to expect in a freelance role or how to get one, ask me here!

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I want to introduce you to my absolute favorite new jewelry brand, Black Tied! I got introduced to them through Twitter when I received a follow. Anytime a company follows me I always check out the store; I want to see what brands are out there that I may not know about. I can’t explain how happy I am that I found this one. 
The company sells gorgeous gemstone necklaces, which are a personal favorite of mine, as well as symbol pendants, inspirational saying bracelets and delicate rings and earrings. 
You can see above that I purchased the Rose Quartz necklace, which is on a long silver chain that I can either wear as is, or double up and layer. This piece is GORGEOUS. The rose quartz is a delicate baby pink in a pendulum shape; I wore it to work the other day and received so many compliments! The chain is super delicate which I love, but you need to be super careful because I got it caught on a rolling rack at work and the rose quartz hook that attaches the chain opened a little bit and slipped off. Luckily, I work with accessories so I knew how to fix it and it’s back to new!
The gold skull bracelet was a great purchase as well. I saw something similar on another website and it was about 5x the price, which obviously I cannot afford nor want to spend that kind of money. When I received the bracelet, I was amazed by how heavy it is which is fantastic because I know it’s not flimsy and will break. I love anything with skulls so this was a must have purchase!
Lastly, the company was nice enough to include these two beautiful gold twist midi rings. I have larger fingers so they don’t fit over my pointer or middle finger enough to be a midi ring (it’s more like at the edge of my fingers) but they fit amazing on my ring and pinky finger! I could never find a midi ring small enough to fit my pinky without going all the way down so I’m super pleased.
All and all this company is amazing - shipping was super fast and they’re shipping from overseas! The packaging was adorable and everything was so nicely put together; you can really tell that they put a lot of care into what they do. I was also in contact with the company and they are super sweet and I can’t wait to order more stuff!!
I highly recommend them and hope that you check out their site and make a purchase because you will not regret it. :)
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Ain’t it the truth
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