Anonymous: I emailed a store owner for a job and she seemed really interested in my application and responded right away and I emailed her back but I haven't heard anything for a week so I emailed her again a few days later and still nothing. Should I just leave it at that?

Oh boy I’ve been there as I mentioned in a previous post. This is where things get tricky because you think everything worked out and then there’s that terrible silence. To be honest, yes you should leave it at that. There’s a multitude of reasons why they haven’t gotten back to you and for all you know you could hear back tomorrow. Give it some time, like a week or so and if there’s still no answer then you may need to find somewhere else because I think it’s inconsiderate of people to not give any sort of response and you have to think if that’s the type of person you want to work for.

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How many times since you could you remember have you gone into your closet, looked around, and realized you had nothing to wear? I’m sure you’ve lost count at this point. We’ve all done it, hell we’re women it’s what we do. But let me just stress the fact that the problem is not that we have nothing to wear, it’s that we have too many separates that don’t go together!
It’s been all over the internet and I’m sure if you ran a google search you could find it; the most important basics to have in your closet. This isn’t one of these because by now, you should know what you need. What my point is, to show you how to take one simple outfit and change up the look completely without doing really anything.
An outfit isn’t always about having staple pieces piled on top of each other and screaming ‘fashionista’. Sometimes, what makes the best outfit, are the simple pieces fitted with intricate details that comprise an entire look. 
Normally I go to my closet and think where am I going today and what type of message am I trying to send? Do I feel funky? Edgy? Girly? Romantic? I give myself some sort of ‘topic’ and find the best basic clothes that I have that fit into that. Then from there I start adding accessories, (depending on the weather) a jacket, shoes, etc. 
Basics are basically what they are. They are typically a one color basic shape item that can be worn with literally anything. And that’s the point. You want enough of these types of clothes in your closet to be able to become so versatile that you could wear that shirt twice in one week and I would have no idea because of how you dressed it. It definitely makes a better statement than wearing your “I <3 Nerds” tee twice last week.
In the pictures above I showed what a basic outfit looks like - a white top from Daily Look and a pair of ripped high waisted shorts from SheInside. By itself, yes it still makes a cute outfit, but it doesn’t make a statement. In the next two looks I only added 1 to 2 pieces to change the overall ‘vibe’ of the outfit, demonstrating that you literally could wear this more than once and I bet you that no one would even notice that it’s the same shirt and shorts.
In this first look, I overlaid the shirt with a cheetah print blazer from Zara and a pink statement necklace from H & M. Together this look, while still having a casual vibe, because of the ripped shorts, has a somewhat more sophisticated look because of the tailored blazer and statement necklace. If your office were to allow not only denim but ripped denim shorts, then this would make an adorable causal Friday outfit. To go from day to night as well, simply pair during the day with simple neutral flats and then change at night into a heeled shoe in the same color family as the necklace. 
Lastly in the second look I wanted to play off the ripped shorts and give a more ‘edgy’ vibe. This second look is definitely more of a night out to see a band type of look; one of my favorites. I tied up the white shirt to give it a bit more sexiness and also give it some shape since it naturally is so boxy. Then I added a studded black blazer I got from Urban Outfitters years ago which gives the London punk allure. I would pair this with some combat boots to really solidify the look. If it were colder out (but not freezing, of course) I would change out the white short sleeve to a long sleeve and add knee high socks with the boots.
Find inspiration in your closet and don’t be afraid to buy basics. I know we’ve all been there at the store and gone “I really don’t need another (whatever color) tee” but trust me, having more than one is always a good thing. Be creative with your accessorizing and remember to not overdo it!
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Is real.
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My sister gets me.
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HELP! I still don’t have a job!

Here’s the scenario: you’ve been busting your butt trying to find a job in this industry and you’ve sent out a million resumes and yet still nothing. Well, unfortunately you’re not the only one. So many people are in your position; not just for this industry either. There is such a demand for jobs in fashion but really not a large supply. While people do move around quickly, many jobs require specialized skills that simply must be had or you won’t be hired. 

I’ve been in this situation. In fact, I went through this same situation last year while trying to find a job. It’s hard and discouraging but here are some tips to both keep you going as well as keep you on track to finding your perfect position!

1. Don’t get discouraged! I know, like really hard to stay positive when you get rejection after rejection or in my case, get no answer whatsoever. I remember I had applied to so many jobs and finally started landing some interviews. At some firms, I went for upwards of 4 interviews only to be left with silence. I followed up many times and never heard anything. I learned to not get discouraged and to stay positive because that was an indication that I didn’t want to work there anyway. In the case of receiving a rejection, don’t think of it as a total no. Remember most places keep your resume on file and if they really liked you (granted if you were able to land an interview) I’m sure they will keep your resume on file if something should come up in the future.

2. Make sure to keep your experience relevant: How to do this when you can’t find a job? Well, I got some great advice from someone in the industry and they told me that not having a consistent job on your resume is not something that will necessarily deter someone from not accepting you for a job. What some employers want to see is that there isn’t a lapse in your resume and that you maintained some relevance in the industry. If they see that you had an internship a year ago and have not done anything relevant since, they won’t see that you are working hard to get into the industry. Some things you can put on there that will be current and relevant experience are if you volunteer for a non-profit organization such as Fashion Empowering Women. You could also add if you are a blogger and use social media to talk and discuss fashion. Technology is really becoming an important part of the industry so to show that you are current and up to date on trends and things of that sort, it will help you stand out. 

3. Touch up your resume: I tailor my resume for any job that I apply to because let’s be honest, no future employer is going to sit there and read 4 pages of someone’s resume. You want your resume to be short and sweet and to the point. You also want your resume to have unique things about yourself as well because if you have some skill that could be an important asset to a position, that will help you stand out amongst other people’s resumes. 

4. Pick a niche and stay with it: When I first tried breaking into the industry I had no idea what I wanted to specifically do, I just knew that I had an idea. I applied to everything from buying to merchandising to sales. As I mentioned above I tailored my resume to fit with each position and spun my experience to sound suitable. Eventually I realized that I needed to find just one area and stick with it and do A LOT of research on that area and the types of jobs offered so that I could be fully prepared as well as know 100% that that is where I wanted to start my career. 

5. Intern, Intern, Intern! Let me just tell you, you are never too old to intern. This industry LOVES post grads mainly for the fact that you have a ton of free time, and you’ve probably held some sort of job so you know how to work in that type of setting and are serious because you are looking for a job. I thought that when I had graduated and began my first internship, I was too old and at that point I should have already had a career. But as I progressed I understood that internships are your base and you can never have too many. It is the best way to get the experience from people in the industry who do this every day.

So I hope that these 5 tips will help you on your search. Remember if this is something you want to seriously do, DON’T GIVE UP! You’ve worked too hard and too long to just sit back and wait for something to stumble across you. This industry wants to see people that genuinely want to work and can prove that they will work hard and that means advertising and selling yourself basically as to why you are the best candidate. 

Remember if you EVER have any questions do not hesitate to ask. It is what The Strictly Fashion was made for.

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1. Leopard and denim button down shirt // $18.332. Black lace shorts // $143. High waisted ripped denim shorts // $13.67
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Wearing my unicorn SheInside tee!
Anonymous: If you want to work in the fashion department of a magazine do you have to write?

Typically, yes working at a magazine does require some sort of writing unless you were strictly in the fashion closet then that might be a little different.

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SHEINSIDE:1. Denim overall shorts // $152. Floral Balmain cold shoulder crop // $9.903. Black stars print tee // $9.904. Purple geo print tee // $9.995. Blue floral ‘Marn’ triangle tee // $11.906. Multicolor unicorn print tee // $10.997. White Balmain tee // $11.90
I’m expecting more stuff from SheInside so once that arrives I will do another haul!
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Gold & flannel
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Anonymous: (cont.) winter break 2014, then summer 2015 in nyc at mag., then winter 2015 (so 2 total in nyc). What do you think I should do? this has been a huge issue and I can’t stop thinking about it :(

Here’s the full question:

"Hi so I have a dilemma on my hands & maybe you could help. I was reading your blog and noticed people asking about mag internships and I wanted to do 2/3 before I graduate, too. I can do one of two things: intern in dec/jan at a nyc magazine, in the summer 2015, and in winter 2015 (so 3 total in nyc), but give up working fashion week here in nyc and have to work a lot fall semester to save up money for winter OR two: I can do nyfw, intern at a small local magazine in my hometown over winter break 2014, then summer 2015 in nyc at mag., then winter 2015 (so 2 total in nyc). What do you think I should do? this has been a huge issue and I can’t stop thinking about it :("

I do get this question a lot. It’s hard to answer because depending on the magazine you would want to work at, there are different requirements. The very big magazines mostly require at least 3 national magazine internships because as I mentioned in a previous answer, they want to make sure that any staff they hire has sufficient experience. Personally, and I’ve said this before, if money is an issue don’t push it. But if you are set on working at a magazine that is important experience to get. While fashion week is a great opportunity in many forms, it might not be the necessary experience that you need if you know for a fact that you want to work at a magazine. I think that if you’re looking for strictly magazine experience I wouldn’t pass up the 3 opportunities. Good luck!

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